High speed napkin machine 5200 sheet/min made in China copy Italy and Taiwan technology

Top quality Chinese High-Speed Napkin Machine with Printing

Speed up to 5200 sheet/min, can make all 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 fold napkins.

Do you want the best and fastest napkin folder machine from China? With our high-speed napkin machine, you can get 800% production but save 50% labor costs because the speed can be 5200 sheet/min. You can also make both 1/4 quaterfold luncheon napkin and 1/6 fold tallfold dispenser napkins.

high speed machine to make table napkin, beverage napkin and luncheon napkin
Model TNM-2L-4H high speed paper napkin folding machine
Jumbo roll size width 1200mm * diameter 1500mm
napkin open size 240x240mm, 300x300mm, 330x330mm, 400x400mm, 430x430mm or customized.
napkin folded size 120x120mm, 150x150mm, 165x165mm, 200x200mm, 215x215mm or customized.
Folding type 1/4 quarter fold, 1/6 fold, 1/8 fold, C fold etc.
Production speed up to 5200 sheet/min, depends on napkin size, gsm etc.
Output form 2 decks/layers with 4 heads (lanes) and outs.
Embossing unit Steel to paper
Printing unit up tp 4 colors
Machine weight 6500kg
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high speed napkin machine

high-speed napkin machine

best napkin machine in China

Below is video of our high speed paper napkin folding machine the fastest and best quality in China for your reference.