Fully automatic hand towel production line with auto transfer to packing

Complete Fully Automatic Multi Fold Hand Towel Production Line

Brief Introduction:
Consists of fully automatic multi fold hand towel interfolder, fully auto transfer unit, fully automatic hand towel logsaw cutting machine, fully automatic hand towel packing machine and fully automatic hand towel outer wrapper machine. The whole multi fold hand towel production line is fully automatic without manual worker.

Fully automatic hand towel interfolder machine
Jumbo roll width up to 2800mm.
With point to point lamination system. (glue system).

Fully automatic hand towel auto transfer unit / Automatic stack unit:
Auto transfer speed: about 3-7 log/min depends on sheet quantity per count.
Counting: automatic counting, quantity adjustable.
Control: PLC control, HMI control and servo motor control.

Fully automatic hand towel log saw cutting machine
Cutting speed: 70-110 cut/min, depends on hand towel sizes.
Control: fully automatic PLC control, setting parameters on HMI and servo motor control.
Fully automatic connect to the multi fold hand towel interfolder and the hand towel log saw cutting machine.

Fully automatic hand towel packing machine.
Packing speed: about 20-40 pack/min.
Automation: for single bag hand towel fully automatic packing.
Control: by PLC fully automatic connect to the hand towel log saw cutting machine.

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