China paper napkin machine introduction

China paper napkin machine introduction.

The paper napkin machine unwinds, embosses, prints, folds, and cut the jumbo roll tissue paper into square napkins or rectangular paper napkins or single sheet napkins.

The napkin machine is a general term. It may be easier to understand: one is the wallet style facial tissue (commonly used in restaurants, when the tissue napkin is unfolded, there are two lines horizontally and one line vertically. We usually call this type of paper napkin wallet napkin. ACE MACHINERY CHINA correspondingly call this equipment as wallet napkin machine), one is a mini type of paper napkin, a small package of tissue paper. (We often carry it with us, Kimberly Clark's paper handkerchief is a typical representative, we can buy it near the train station or bus station. The corresponding equipment is called a handkerchief paper machine or hanky paper machine), The other one is the kind of paper napkin we use in KFC or McDonald's.

Introduction of paper napkin machine

The napkin machine is to emboss, print, fold, and cut the jumbo roll tissue paper into square napkin or rectangular napkin or single sheet napkin. In fact, the napkin machine here refers to three different equipment for folding the tissue paper: a wallet napkin machine, a handkerchief paper machine, and a table napkin machine. The wallet napkin machine and table napkin machine can be produced by replacing the folding plate, but the handkerchief paper machine must be a different device from other paper napkin machines.

Napkin machine classification

According to the speed: ordinary low-speed napkin machine, high-speed napkin machine.
According to the number of embossing rollers: single embossing napkin machine, double embossing napkin machine. Steel to paper embossing napkin machine, steel to steel napkin machine, steel to rubber embossing napkin.
According to color printing: ordinary napkin machine, single color printing napkin machine, double color printing napkin machine and multi-color printing napkin machine.
According to material: tissue paper napkin machine, nonwoven napkin machine, airlaid napkin machine.
According to automation: semi-automatic napkin machine and fully automatic napkin production line with auto transfer to napkin packing machine.

According to the number of layers: single-layer napkin machine, double-layer napkin machine, three-layer napkin machine, double lanes napkin machine, 4 lanes napkin machine, 6 lanes napkin machine(also called 2 lines napkin machine, 4 lines napkin machine).
Other categories can be freely combined: such as ordinary low-speed single-color printing napkin machine, high-speed color printing napkin machine, double embossing color printing napkin machine, etc.

color printing napkin machine


The color printing napkin machine is based on the ordinary embossing napkin machine with the color printing function. Print colorful patterns, company logos, phone numbers, etc. on the surface of napkins.

Classification of printing napkin machines

There are many types of color printing napkin machines on the market now, and in general, there are two types: ordinary color printing napkin machines and high-precision high-resolution multi-color printing napkin machines.

Automatic Embossing Folding Napkin Machine

The automatic embossing folding napkin machine is used to emboss, fold, electronically count and cut the raw paper napkins into finished napkins with clear, neat and beautiful embossing patterns. The whole process is completed by the machine at one time. Due to the high degree of automation, good processing quality and high production efficiency, it is an ideal production equipment for paper products factories and urban and rural families to build factories with little investment and quick results. In addition, the embossing pattern can make various clear and beautiful patterns according to user needs.

Technical parameters of napkin machine

Raw materials of jumbo roll napkins: single-layer or double-layer paper napkins, non-woven or air laid, waxed paper, MG paper, etc.
Specification of jumbo roll tissue: φ800 - φ1500mm
Types of folding method of napkins: 1/4 fold mechanical fold, 1/8 fold vacuum adsorption, 1/4 or 1/6 dispenser fold, 1/6 tall fold napkin, 1/12 fold, etc. Or other folding methods, such as the non-woven napkin or air laid napkin which has a pocket to put the knife and fork, can be customized. As a leading napkin machine manufacturer in China, ACE MACHINERY CHINA can provide various customized napkin machines.
Finished napkin size: 200×200-430×430mm (regular sizes are 18x18cm, 23x23cm, 24x24cm, 25x25cm, 30x30cm, 33x33cm, 40x40cm, 43x43cm)
Heating rod for napkin machine embossing unit: 1kw/220V. (Heating in the embossing unit can make the embossing napkin bulky and look big volume with the same napkin quantity.)
Main motor: 4.5kw speed regulating motor
Speed of automatic embossing folding napkin machine: 800 napkins/min – 6000 napkins/min.
Band saw motor: 0.75kw
Embossing roller working temperature: 60-80℃
Dimensions: about 2800×1400×1700 mm
Automatic embossing folding napkin machine Weight: about 3000kg
Production speed: about 2 days to produce 1 ton of napkins. If the high-speed napkin machine, the size of napkins is 30x30cm napkins, a double-lane, 4 lanes or 6 lanes high-speed napkin machine can produce up to 4 tons of napkins per day. This is the fastest and best napkin machine in China.

Double Embossing Napkin Machine

The double-layer embossed napkin machine is used to process the raw jumbo roll paper into finished napkins by embossing, folding, electronic counting and cutting. The whole process is completed by one operation of the double-layer embossed napkin machine. In addition, embossing pattern can make various clear and beautiful patterns.

The principle and advantages of napkin machine

The principle of napkin production equipment

It is used to emboss, fold, electronically count, and cut the raw jumbo roll into finished napkins.

Advantages of the napkin machine

Accurate counting, accurate cutting, environmental protection and energy saving, and embossing pattern can make various clear and beautiful patterns according to user needs.
china napkin machine

Precautions when buying a napkin machine

What matters need to be paid attention to in daily napkin machine:
First, technical parameters, production capacity (how many napkins per minute or how many tons of napkins per day), and the power of the napkin machine.
Second, whether the embossing pattern of the napkin produced by the napkin machine is clear. If it is a color printing napkin machine, it depends on the printing units, there are two colors napkin machine, three colors napkin machine, four colors napkin machine, six colors napkin machine.
Third, the size of the napkin factory. (Because the size of the napkin machine is large and small, it will be bad if the venue cannot fit after installation).
Fourth, after-sales service: whether the napkin machine manufacturer's after-sales service is timely and reliable!

Below is our color printing napkin machine video for your reference: